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Stow ‘n Go Seasonal Goodies in the Chrysler Pacifica

The minivan built for holiday shoppers

November 23, 2016


All-New 2017 Chrysler Pacifica.

The holiday season is fast approaching and you know what that means, lots and lots of shopping.

However while customers are gearing up to grab the best deals, thieves can be poised to grab some goodies for themselves, since more thefts from parked cars happen on Black Friday than on any other day of the year according to Travelers.com.

Fortunately the all-new 2017 Chrysler Pacifica can help you travel to the mall, store or outlet in style while keeping your valuables hidden and tucked away out of sight.


Large center console

Clever Storage and Functionality
The Chrysler Pacifica is loaded with comfort, convenience and technology features, which earned it a spot on the Wards 10 Best Interiors List for 2016.

But in addition to this, the Pacifica is spacious and has many compartments to keep your goodies safe. Unique storage spots include a large center console which has space specifically designed to fit gifts like an iPad. In addition, the bottom of the console bin is deeper than the vehicle floor to provide added storage space.

Other spots designed with customer needs in mind including storage for an umbrella and sunglasses; and two bins in the rear cargo area that can each hold a gallon of eggnog.

Even the back of the front seats add functionality, with integrated grocery bag hooks that can be used to organize shopping bags.


If you’re looking to hide multiple presents, such as video game consoles or a laptop from snooping family members, check out the Stow ‘n Go in-floor bins. These bins offer storage when the second-row seats are not stowed, and an enhanced Stow ‘n Go system features redesigned seats for added comfort and side support.

If you purchase big ticket items such as a flat screen TV, a bike, or even a new ladder for dad—the Stow ‘n Go Assist feature process has been improved to further simplify the transporting process. With the press of a button, the front seat moves forward to allow the second-row seat to be stowed into the floor tub. Once the seat is stowed, pressing the button again moves the front seat back to its starting position.

In addition, the Easy Tilt second-row seats allow for easy access to the third row, even with an empty child seat installed in the second row.

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    Powered by RIDGID, is the highest powered in-vehicle vacuum in the market.

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    Stow ‘n Vac integrated vacuum

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    Slide the front seats forward with Stow ‘n Go Assist for easy access to the in-floor bins

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    The Chrysler Pacifica is the only minivan in its class with the Stow ‘n Go® Seating and Storage System

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    Fit your favorites with room to spare. The All-New 2017 Chrysler Pacifica.

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    Stow 'n Go® seating saves room for next steps and big purchases.

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    Hands-Free Sliding Doors

Last But Not Least
If you stop for a snack on your shopping trip and happen to spill popcorn on the floor in between stops, the Pacifica has a Stow ‘n Vac integrated vacuum. Powered by RIDGID, it is the highest powered in-vehicle vacuum in the market, and provides easy access to all corners of the vehicle.

If you can’t open the door because your arms are filled with shopping bags, the Pacifica’s offers another solution. The Keyless Enter ‘n Go feature includes a segment-first handsfree sliding doors and liftgate, which are operated by making a kicking motion under the sliding door or bumper to open the sliding doors or liftgate.

The next time you are shopping for a vehicle to handle your year-round needs, consider the Chrysler Pacifica.