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Help Is Just A Phone Call Away

August 12, 2014

BThe FCA US LLC Customer Care Call Center is there for you.
More than one million calls a year are received by the FCA US LLC Customer Care Call Center, spanning each of the vehicle brands within the company. Do the math — that’s more than 19,000 calls each week and more than 2,700 every single day. Counting emails and even handwritten letters, the total number of customer contacts expands to about 1.5 million items of correspondence a year.

The calls vary from pre-sale questions about a particular FCA US vehicle to post-sale inquiries about Mopar® parts, accessories and services, as well as questions regarding recalls and dealerships. No matter the query, expertly-trained specialists are ready to answer calls at most hours of the day and night, and even on weekends, including Sundays. The FCA US Customer Care Call Center encompasses five different call centers in the United States and Canada and operates seven days a week, with varying hours, depending on the day of the week.

“With customer care being a major component of the Mopar brand, we strive every day to provide world-class customer service,” says Ross McGinnis, Director, Customer Care and Call Center, FCA US. “The call center is an integral part of this objective and is there to service customers even before they purchase their vehicle, and then all the way through their ownership. Our team has been asked just about every question you can think of, and we encourage our customers to take advantage of the call center, no matter how big or small their question may be.”

No Wrong Questions
Along with the routine questions easily handled by the Company’s Customer Care Call Center, a few challenging inquiries are posed that keep representatives on their toes. Almost all pertain in some way to a FCA US vehicle, and, as always, the Call Center staff dons their collective thinking caps to provide a satisfactory answer:
— A concerned customer was advised on how to handle squirrels that were eating the door handles of a vehicle.
— A caller wondering if the AC adapter in a vehicle had the appropriate voltage to run a slow cooker, and how long the battery would last, was assisted.

Ask And You Shall Receive (An Answer)
The questions posed to the FCA US Customer Care Call Center cover a wide range of topics. The following are some of the most common queries.
— Product information; FCA US vehicles, Mopar® parts and accessories
— Warranty coverage information
— Recall information
— Repair assistance
— Dealer information
— Vehicle equipment
— Monroney label/window sticker

The Call Center expanded operations in 2010 to include Saturdays, and in 2011 added Sunday service. These additions increased the number of calls received and answers provided, especially on the weekends. Along with answering calls, the Customer Care Call Center also reaches out to vehicle owners. When a safety recall has been issued six months prior, team members phone customers who have yet to have their vehicle serviced to help schedule repairs at a dealer.

In addition to calling the FCA US Customer Care Call Center, owners can email a question or send a letter via old-fashioned snail mail. An online chat version is also available for some FCA US brands, with plans in the works to make an online chat accessible for all brands.
Got a question? Team members are ready and waiting for your call, no matter the topic. And, as demonstrated by a few of the unique calls fielded, it’s next to impossible to stump the pros at the FCA US Customer Care Call Center.

Callcenter_689x600Mopar® 1-888-528-HEMI (1-888-528-4364) or Send Mopar a message

Chrysler 1-800-CHRYSLER (1-800-247-9753) or Send Chrysler a message

Jeep® 1-877- IAM-JEEP (1-877-426-5337) or Send Jeep a message

Dodge 1-800-4A-DODGE (1-800-423-6343) or Send Dodge a message

Ram 1-866-RAM-INFO (1-866-726-4636) or Send Ram a message

FIAT® 1-888-CIAO-FIAT (1-888-242-6342) or Send Fiat a message

SRT® 1-855-SRT-TEAM (1-855-778-8326)  or Send SRT a message

Alfa Romeo 1-844-253-2872 or Send Alfa Romeo a message

FCA US Customer Care Call Center Hours

Customer Care is open 24 hours, 7 days a week