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CEMA Show Celebrates Vehicles Young and Old

June 20, 2014

Walter P. Chrysler Museum hosted the 2014 CEMA Charity Car Show

Walter P. Chrysler Museum hosted the 2014 CEMA Charity Car Show

Over 400 vehicles rolled into the Walter P. Chrysler Museum to participate in the Chrysler Employee Motorsport Association’s (CEMA) annual charity car show.

The CEMA show is in its 25th year. People from all over the country gathered to see vehicles ranging from classic to current models. This year’s theme highlighted two anniversaries —the 100th anniversary of the Dodge brand and the 50th anniversary of the 426 HEMI® engine. To celebrate, 2015 Dodge Challenger SRT Hellcat vehicles roared onto the museum grounds to commemorate the occasion.

The CEMA Show attracted 2,793 attendees and 450 vehicles; breaking last year’s record of 2,462 visitors and 408 vehicles.

CEMA allows car enthusiasts to share their appreciation for the automotive industry. This event was special for one Chrysler employee. Larry Robling is an executive planner for the World Class Manufacturing Central Team. Raised as a “gear head,” Robling describes car shows, such as CEMA as a “mobile museum of history.”

Robling shares his father and grandfather’s love of collecting classic cars. His grandfather, Ralph Graydon “Gray” Robling was an employee at Chrysler for more than 30 years and a longstanding member of the Model T Ford collector car organization, the Casual T’s.

To honor his grandfather’s memory, he and his father Marc Robling drove several of his grandfather’s collectable vehicles to the event.


FCA US employee Larry Robling drives his grandfather’s Model T.

“This is the first year we have participated in CEMA show with the Casual T’s cars,” Robling said. This is also the first memorial tour that honors my grandfather who passed away in September at the age of 91.”

When Robling drives his grandfather’s classic cars, it renews his love for the automotive industry.

“The automotive industry has always shown passion towards a common goal; to make life better for its employees, families and finally, produce a vehicle lineup that brings emotion to its consumers,” he said.

Robling’s favorite CEMA moments include discussing automotive history with fellow attendees and getting an up close look at prototypes and rare FCA US LLC vehicles.

“Automotive is an evolution based on history…there are rare occasions when you can see the brand new Challenger (featuring the Hellcat Engine) sitting only feet away from a 1966 Charger, which is also next to a first generation minivan,” he said.