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High Rollers: Mopar® Dazzles at SEMA

Jeep® Wrangler takes home its sixth win

November 17, 2015


The Dodge Challenger GT AWD Concept is among the Mopar-modified vehicles showcased at this year’s SEMA show.

It’s Vegas baby, and Mopar® was living it up with an entourage of vehicles at this year’s Specialty Equipment Market Association (SEMA) Show.

Once again, Lady Luck was on the brand’s side because the Jeep Wrangler won the SEMA ‘Hottest 4×4-SUV’ award. This marks the sixth consecutive year the Mopar and the Jeep® brands has been recognized by specialty equipment manufacturers as the ultimate canvas for showcasing aftermarket products at the 2015 SEMA Show.

This year’s event took place on at the Las Vegas Convention Center. Mopar showcased a large lineup of vehicles transformed with production and concept parts and accessories.

The Chrysler, Dodge, Jeep®, Ram and FIAT customized vehicles will spread out over the vast 15,345-square-foot Mopar SEMA display. In addition, hundreds of Mopar products—from engines to wheels to lift kits and much more—will be showcased at the premier automotive specialty products trade show.

  • SEMA 2015: Mopar Press Conference (Full)

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    Jeep Wrangler Red Rock Concept

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    For the Dodge Charger Deep Stage 3, Mopar injected up to 75 additional horsepower with the Mopar Scat Pack 3 Kit.

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    The Dodge Omni GLH (Goes Like Hell) owns a special spot in the Dodge brand’s 100-plus year pantheon, and the brand’s current Dodge Dart GLH Concept pays homage to that beloved 1980s-era ride.

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    Chrysler 200 S Mopar

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    The Fiat 500X Chicane

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    Fiat 500X Mobe interior features, a blue kite surfer decal keeps with the vehicle’s theme. An additional spot to store gear is provided through a head restraint-mounted coat hanger.

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    Mopar helps proclaim its all-terrain credentials even louder with the Ram Rebel X, a full-size pickup outfitted with a catalog of production parts and and accessories.

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    The Ram ProMaster City DiveMaster is among the Mopar-modified vehicles showcased at this year’s Specialty Equipment Market Association (SEMA) Show.

Highlights of the Mopar modified vehicles at the show include:

Dodge Challenger GT AWD Concept
It’s V-8 muscle with all-wheel drive. The Dodge Challenger GT AWD Concept is a one-of-a-kind, year-round muscle car, combining wickedly fast power and performance with the confidence of increased traction.

Mopar stepped outside its usual color palette in designing the Dodge Challenger GT AWD Concept, choosing Header Orange highlights to line the grille and taillight surround of the Destroyer Grey body. Header Orange continues as a distinct contrast point for the Destroyer Grey body color stripe that runs through the Matte Black paint blanketing the upper portion of the vehicle, from tip to rear. Mirror caps are also painted with Header Orange accent stripes.

The Challenger GT AWD Concept enhances its signature muscle car proportions, bulging out with Mopar’s concept wide body kit and its massive wheel flares housing concept Mopar five-spoke wheels: 20-inch x 10-inch on the front and 20-inch x 11-inch on the rear. Mopar center caps are painted to match the body and wheels.

The body kit complements Challenger’s heritage-inspired styling, adding an aggressive profile with a front chin splitter and rear spoiler, which are both aesthetically pleasing and functional. Additional Mopar modifications dress up the rear, including quad Mopar exhaust tips painted in a powder-coated Satin Black, a Mopar fuel filler door painted Satin Black with a unique Mopar graphic and a concept Mopar Design decklid badge.

The vehicle’s 5.7-liter HEMI® V-8 engine uses an AWD package to power all four wheels, paired with an eight-speed transmission. The 5.7-liter engine is upgraded with the Scat Pack 3 Performance Kit, which delivers a boost of up to 75 more horsepower and an additional 44 lb.-ft. of torque.

A concept Mopar suspension kit drops the Challenger GT AWD Concept closer to the road, lowering the vehicle’s center of gravity for race-inspired handling, with an assist from production Mopar performance front and rear strut tower braces.

Dodge Charger Deep Stage 3
For the Dodge Charger Deep Stage 3, Mopar injected up to 75 additional horsepower with the Mopar Scat Pack 3 Kit and then for good measure bolted on a selection of production and concept Mopar products to create a completely original, performance-driven version of the world’s only four-door muscle car.

The Silver Bullet exterior color is masked by full-length Matte Black paint covering the top of the vehicle. Body color comes through the Matte Black via center stripes bordered by Mopar Blue tracer accents. The styling, inspired by the second-generation Charger from the late 1960s, is modified with a concept Mopar body kit, including a front chin splitter, side sills, rear spoiler and unique rear valance, providing an aggressive look while augmenting aerodynamic characteristics.

In keeping with the Charger Deep Stage 3’s name, it rolls on concept Mopar Dark Bronze 22-inch Classic III wheels, with color matched Mopar center caps. A concept Mopar decal flanks both front fenders, with Scat Pack 3 badges and a Mopar Design decklid badge displayed.

Powered by the 5.7-liter HEMI engine, the Charger Deep Stage 3 is punched up in three phases by the trio of Mopar Scat Pack Performance kits. Mopar Scat Pack 1 and Scat Pack 2 upgrades, featuring a Mopar cold-air intake, Mopar cat-back exhaust, Mopar low-restriction oil filter, new Mopar Performance camshaft, a set of Mopar Performance valve springs, tie bars, upgraded pushrods and all the gaskets, are finished off with an up to 75 horsepower boost and 44 lb.-ft. of torque improvement of the Scat Pack 3 kit.

Dodge Dart GLH Concept
The Dodge Omni GLH (Goes Like Hell) owns a special spot in the Dodge brand’s 100-plus year pantheon, and the brand’s current compact car pays homage to that beloved 1980s-era ride with the Dodge Dart GLH Concept.

The athletic, stylish exterior of the Dodge Dart GLH Concept is colored Pitch Black and looks ready to pounce with an in-your-face, production front fascia with concept grille details and a Mopar Performance aluminum hood. A production front chin splitter, side sill accents and rear fascia diffuser form a Mopar body kit that creates a speedy, nimble appearance.

Red accents on the lower body provide an outline reminiscent of the original Omni GLH. The Dart GLH Concept rides on lightweight Mopar 18-inch wheels, painted anodized black, with matching Mopar center caps. Stopping power is upgraded with a Dart high-performance brake kit by Mopar. Exhaust tips add an aggressive growl, and a Mopar Design badge adorns the decklid.

Inside, the all-black Katzkin leather seats are modified with concept red mesh seat inserts and red stitch accent touches on the bolsters and armrest. Red on the door pulls and instrument panel tracer are production offerings. The enhanced interior adds extra performance with a Dodge sport steering wheel, Mopar pedal kit, Mopar shift knob, Mopar premium carpet mats and Mopar door sill guards featuring the Dart logo.



Mopar’s SEMA concept vehicles as photographed at the Las Vegas Neon Boneyard (Chrysler 300 Super S).

Chrysler 300 Super S
Style and sophistication can meld harmoniously with performance and attitude. For proof, take the Chrysler 300 Super S. The bold persona of the customized Chrysler 300 Super S begins with a concept, aggressive front fascia. More than 300 unique “Easter eggs” are hidden on the Matte Black grille, where miniature Mopar “M” letters, painted Dark Hyper Black low gloss, dot the entire grille.

The lowered body (thanks to a Mopar coilover lowering kit) is planted on concept Mopar 22-inch wheels at the front and rear. Like the Mopar “M” grille lettering, production Mopar center caps are painted to match the Dark Hyper Black low gloss wheels, which are set off stunningly against the Matte Cerulean exterior finish. At the back, a concept rear valence and a deck-lid spoiler from the Mopar brand portfolio drive the tires to the pavement. Unique 300 Super S and Mopar Design badges round out the exterior appointments.

Beneath the 300 Super S hood lurks a powerful beast. The 5.7-liter HEMI engine is beefed up with Mopar Stage 1, Stage 2 and Stage 3 Upgrade Kits, which exactly mimic the modifications and performance boosts delivered by Mopar Scat Pack Performance kits available for the 5.7-liter HEMI engine-equipped Dodge Challenger and Dodge Charger vehicles.

Additional Mopar production parts include front and rear performance strut tower braces, which provide extra stiffness for cornering and handling, as well as a Mopar Big Brake Kit.

Chrysler 200 S Mopar
The Chrysler brand’s mid-size sedan receives an “attitude adjustment” with a mix of production and concept Mopar parts and accessories used to create the Chrysler 200 S Mopar.

A more muscular look is achieved on the Ceramic Grey Metallic exterior of the 200 S Mopar with the addition of a production Mopar body kit, including a front chin splitter, side sills and rear valance. A concept, dual-vented Mopar performance hood elevates performance and appearance. Large, production Mopar 19-inch wheels are painted a unique Satin Black finish, set off distinctly against the Ceramic Grey Metallic skin. Other exterior features include concept exhaust tips and the Mopar Design badge.

The V-6 Pentastar engine of the Chrysler 200 S Mopar is kicked up by adding a cat-back exhaust and cold-air intake. A Mopar production suspension lowering kit helps the 200 S Mopar ride nearer to the ground and improve handling and drivability. A Mopar Big Brake Kit provides additional stopping power.


The Fiat 500X Chicane- Katzkin leather seats are bordered in blue, and blue also colors the instrument panel and surrounds the FIAT badge at the center of the steering wheel.

Fiat 500X Chicane
The Fiat 500X makes its SEMA Show debut in 2015, and Mopar is using a pair of the compact crossovers — including the Fiat 500X Chicane — to showcase how Mopar can take the vehicle’s iconic Italian style, functionality and performance and personalize it to fit a variety of lifestyles.

The Fiat 500X Chicane is a street-tuner vehicle, designed to buzz through urban areas with a concept Mopar fascia, body cladding and concept oversized 20-inch two-tone Satin Black and Gloss Black wheels. The pop of the gloss Competition Blue exterior is accented with a concept Chicane bodyside stripe and concept Gloss Black paint on the roof.

Mopar pulls from its more than 100 genuine accessories designed especially for the Fiat 500X to customize the Chicane’s cockpit. Upgrades include a bright pedal kit, concept satin black door sill guards emblazoned with the 500X logo, a 500X logo-embossed premium carpet mat, a cargo management kit and a telescopic bar organizer, all from the Mopar portfolio.

Powered by a 2.4-liter Tigershark MultiAir2 engine paired with a nine-speed automatic transmission, the 500X Chicane is designed to hug city streets with a concept lowering kit. A concept cat-back exhaust provides additional power, and concept exhaust tips add to the appearance.

Fiat 500X Mobe


Fiat 500X Mobe

The Fiat 500X Mobe, named after a kite-surfing trick, is customized with off-the-shelf Mopar products to haul toys to the beach in search of surf and sand.

A Mopar roof rack, featuring special Mopar logo graphics, works in concert with side rails to create a perfect transport for a kiteboard or other recreational equipment. Moving to the interior, a blue kite surfer decal keeps with the vehicle’s theme and ties in with the accent blue seat inserts embroidered with the “X” logo.

The 500X logo adorns the Mopar door sill guards modified with Matte Bronze paint, with the FIAT logo on the black molded cargo tray (perfect for storing gear), premium front all-weather mats and emergency first aid kit. An additional spot to store gear is provided through a head restraint-mounted coat hanger.

The 500X Mobe’s 2.4-liter Tigershark MultiAir2 engine (also mated to a nine-speed automatic transmission) receives a performance bump via a cat-back exhaust, accompanied by exhaust tips.

Ram Rebel X
The Ram 1500 Rebel makes a statement by itself. Mopar helps proclaim its all-terrain credentials even louder with the Ram Rebel X, a full-size pickup outfitted with a catalog of production parts and accessories.

The unique dark Copper exterior extends to the functional sport performance hood, accented with a Matte Black graphic trimmed with a Mopar Blue tracer. Mopar wheel flares extend over the 35-inch Toyo tires, which wrap around 17-inch cast-aluminum beadlock wheels that equip the 1500 Rebel for rumbles over off-road terrain. Painted functional beadlock rings with fasteners are also featured on the beadlock wheels, with Mopar center caps providing another highlight to the rims.

The front features the distinctive Rebel grille with the RAM logo painted in Satin Black and a concept two-piece skid plate. The bed is stylishly secured with a soft tri-fold tonneau cover, and a Mopar dual exhaust bed step helps reach tools or equipment stored in the rear.

The Ram Rebel X, powered by a 5.7-liter HEMI engine, is also tuned up to tame the streets and beyond. A Mopar 5.7-liter cold-air intake, cat-back exhaust and exhaust tips, fed by an active Ram Air duct, enhance the performance capabilities, with a concept air ride suspension smoothing out the ride.


Ram ProMaster City DiveMaster

Ram ProMaster City DiveMaster
Mopar has a full portfolio to draw from in bestowing the Ram brand’s purpose-built van with a unique, active personality, offering up a scuba-themed approach to the Ram ProMaster City DiveMaster.

No one will mistake this ProMaster City for an ordinary commercial van. A flowing, gradient color palette “aquatically” illustrates the exterior, stepping from white to Ocean Blue to mirror a scuba diver’s deep sea perspective. Matte black paint covers the hood, a slice of the front end and the side windows, which also sport a distinctive “Mopar Ram Deep Dive Scuba Shop” decal.

The mirror caps are creatively customized with the iconic red and white “diver down” flag, and a scuba diver silhouette draws eyes to the hood. The ProMaster City DiveMaster rides on 17-inch concept wheels. Functional Mopar accessories include side rails, a locking fuel cap and wheel locks.


The Ram ProMaster DragMaster is among the Mopar-modified vehicles showcased at this year’s Specialty Equipment Market Association (SEMA) Show.

Ram ProMaster DragMaster
Switching from scuba to the strip, the Ram ProMaster DragMaster is equipped for double duty, serving as a tow vehicle for a drag racing machine, as well as a pit vehicle with the space needed to store tools and performance parts.

The white exterior is embellished with the Mopar Performance logo on the sliding cargo door, with the blue Mopar logo emblazoned on the rear doors and “MOPAR” text in white displayed on the windshield. A Mopar blue stripe on the side echoes that of the tow vehicle — the all-new, supercharged Mopar Dodge Challenger Drag Pak.

The DragMaster sits on concept painted 16-inch wheels and is outfitted with additional production Mopar accessories, including a locking fuel filler cap and a hitch receiver with trailer tow wiring harness. Other exterior Mopar mods include a side step, fog lights and wheel locks.

Custom shelves and racks provide a mobile pit stall to store the tools and performance parts required to go fast on the quarter-mile. Mopar LED cargo lights provide illumination for late-night race fixes or prep, and additional production Mopar accessories include all-weather mats, cargo area floor covering and D-pillar and B-pillar handles. A raised headliner provides extra headroom for racers or crew working in the cargo area.